Product Description

For many years, Shotoku has provided leading broadcasters with a range of VR tracking systems from simple 2D pan and tilt heads to full-sized 3D systems based on pedestals, cranes, and jibs. These systems provide precise, reliable, and easy-to-use hardware-based VR tracking data, and are available on Shotoku`s range of manual or robotic camera support systems. Free-d, originally developed by engineers at BBC Reasesach and Development, is the lastest addition to the range but differs fundamentally in that it is free of encoder-based physical tracking.

By utilising simple external reference markers easily mounted to teh studio ceiling or within the lighting grid, Free-d² -the next generation of Free-d, is able to track cameras of any type, on any new or existing camera support syste, including Steadicam or even hand-held operations. The 8-axis full 3D tracking system is "absolute", meaning it is fully referenced at all times, with no buildup of small errors due to drift and no need for a "home" position or re-referencing.

The unique system consists of a small upward-facing tracking camera providing a view of the studio ceiling and referencing corresponding reference markers. Lens data is combined with the video image and presented to the Free-d² processor which precisely calculates the camera`s 3D position and provides industry-standard, frame-synchronized tracking data for any graphic engine.

Once a studio is calibrated it will generally never be necessary to re-calibrate ever again.


・ Absolute "Free" Tracking

・ No Accumulating Errors

・ Single Calibration - Set and Forget

・ Unlimited Cameras

・ Full 3D Tracking on any Camera

・ 8-Axis Tracking

・ Direct ZF Lens Encoder Connection

・ Near-Zero Processing Delay


Tracked Axes

PTZFXY Height & Roll

Resolution XY & H


Resolution Pan, Tilt & Roll

<0.1 deg

Camera Dimensions


Processor Dimensions


Wall Box Dimensions


Camera Weight


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