Product Description

Direct cable connection from the CMC to the lens, with no external electronics, makes the Lens Interface a convenient and cost effective way of controlling any full-servo lens.

The wide range of configuration options mean that customers are not restricted to only using the latest serial digital lenses but may continue to use existing analogue controlled lenses if desired. The interface is fully compatible with all leading manufactures (including Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux) and may be used to drive ENG, Studio or Teleconference lenses. Re-configuration for one type of lens or another is possible on-site so future lens changes or upgrades are easily supported.

In systems with manual override capability the Lens Interface integrates with existing lens hand controls to provide a seamless, all-axis, change-over from Robotic to Manual operation at the press of a button.

In addition to driving lenses with full-servo capability, the Lens Interface directly integrates with our own precision Lens Drives for ultimate on-air performance and to gain control of ENG lenses without full-servo capability.



Full Servo ENG (e.g. ending -AS)

Full Servo Studio (e.g DigiSuper 27AF)

Teleconference (e.g. ending -KTS)


Full Servo ENG (e.g. ending -RD)

Full Servo Studio (e.g. ending -BESM)

Teleconference (e.g. ending -BEMD)

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