Product Description

All our remote camera systems are able to interface directly, via simple cable connections, to any type of full-servo ENG, EFP or Studio lens. In the case of ENG lenses some may not be equipped with an internal focus servo unit, and are therefore unable to be controlled electronically without the addition of a focus servo from the lens manufacturer, or our own lens drives.

Our lens drive modules not only enable a semi-servo ENG lens to be controlled however, they also provide the very highest level of performance for exceptional on-air operation at all times. So even full-servo ENG lenses will benefit from the use of the lens drives. We manufacture our own precision-engineered components and use the highest quality servo motors to provide the best possible results. The modules are securely attached to the lens with a rigid "C" bracket perfectly matched to the lens type and model - no mechanical modification to the lens is required (existing mounting points are used). Accurate electronic alignment then ensures smooth control over the full range of both zoom and focus.

The manufacturer's own electronic hand controls may be used in conjunction with the lens drives when manual operation is required – switching between manual and remote operation is achieved automatically with the head's Local / Remote switch.


Lens Types

Broadcast ENG. SD or HD

Lens Models

Full-servo or Semi-servo ENG. Any manufacturer.

Manual Hand Controls

Electronic only. Any manufacturer.

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