100kg / 220.5lbs

Height range

600mm / 23.6"

Minimum height

710mm / 28.0"

Maximum speed




Virtual reality output


Mounting detail

4 x 3/8"-16 UNC Female thread on 111.12mm / 4.375" diameter

Product Description

The TI-11 combines high capacity and stability with pure simplicity. The use of a fully integrated elevating column on a highly stable three-wheeled base enables the TI-11 to carry high payloads, while remaining rigid and stable at all times. Remote control of the height axis is available from any of our height-enabled control systems such as the TR-T or TR-B panels. Local height adjustment is provided via two simple Up / Down push buttons.

The pedestal is ideal for robotic studios where manual operation is not a primary requirement. The cost benefit of using a self contained pedestal and elevator, compared to a traditional manual pedestal with height adaptor is very considerable and makes the TI-11 a very compelling option.

Examples of applications for the TI-11 include weather presentation studios, journalist's news-desk cameras and other open-area camera positions.

Where manual operation is a higher priority, we recommend the TI-12 height drive which is fully compatible with most common manual pedestals and supports complete manual override.

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