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In studios where remote height control is required and where manual operation is also essential the TI-12 provides an excellent solution. Compatible with almost any standard manual pedestal the TI-12 is securely fixed (via our custom mounting kit) to the base and engages with a lifting arm under the pan and tilt head. The height drive does not attach to the steering ring, which would restrict the freedom to move the pedestal. The TI-12 may be quickly disengaged from the lifting arm to enable complete manual operation of the pedestal, including height.

Our TI-12 fitting kits are carefully designed for particular pedestal models, and are manufactured to offer strong support to the drive, without interfering with the pedestal operation in any way. In the case of third-party devices the pedestal itself requires absolutely no modification at all.

As the pedestal column itself is a balanced system, the height drive is able to adjust the position smoothly and gently, just as a camera operator would do in a conventional studio. The TI-12 is able to raise and lower the pedestal at a wide range of speeds making it suitable for most situations whether for creative on-air movements, or simply getting rapidly into position for the next segment.


Minimum height

443mm / 17.44" depending on pedestal

Maximum height

1443mm / 56.8" depending on pedestal

Minimum <> Maximum Speed

2mm/s <> 120mm/s (.08"/s <> 4.7"/s)




Balanced studio pedestals. Any manufacturer.

Height range

1000mm / 39.4"

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