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Raising the bar on movement quality and shot framing control, comes the Shotoku SX200 and SX260 ENG Support systems. The SX200 features a brand new ground up design delivering the highest quality system from Shotoku’s manufacturing plant in Japan. The design concept for the new system was not only to create a product with best in class features and performance but to ensure it was robust, reliable and one of the lightest on the market at this level of payload and performance. The new perfect counter balance system, Shotoku Truebalance, delivers perfect counterbalance, is remarkably easy to adjust from one end of the range to the other, and has an intuitive display to indicate the current setting within the balance range. The drag system uses Shotoku‘s well known Viscam system but combines the ease and speed of selection of the best known stepped systems, with the fine tuning and on shot adjustment of a continuously variable design.

These 2 core features set the performance apart from the competition. Partnered with a new 100mm ENG Carbon Fibre tripod with fast action de-tented leg locks and mid or ground level spreaders, the system delivers one of the lightest ENG systems available with a performance poised to set the new support standard for high end ENG and EFP cameras.

SX260 features a payload of up to a maximum of 25Kg (55lbs) so is suitable for EFP, documentary and sports applications with longer portable lenses. It can be partnered with the new 100mm bowl EFP tripod for maximum stability and enhancement of the counterbalance and drag features, or with the ENG tripod to provide an extremely lightweight EFP payload system.



SX200 or SX260

Max. Payload

20kg / 44lbs (SX200) 25kg / 55lbs (SX260)

Optimum Payload Range

6~15.5kg / 13.3 ~ 34.1lbs (SX200) 8 ~ 18.5kg / 17.7 ~ 40.7lbs (SX260)

Pan Range


Tilt Range



Continuously variable Truebalance perfect balance

Pan & Fluid Drag

Continuously adjustable Viscam fluid leaf drag

Temperature Range

-40°C ~ +60°C / -40°F ~ 140°F

Camera Fixing

Removable sliding plate with 3/8" (x2) + 1/4" screws

Leveling Bubble



157mm (W) x 204mm (H) x 143mm (D) / 6.18" (W) x 8.03"(H) x 5.63"(D)


3.5kg / 7.7lbs (with camera plate and pan bar TJ-74)


100mm ball

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