Max Payload

40kg / 88lbs (SX300H)

Optimum Payload

31kg /68.3lbs (SX300H)

Tilt Range


Pan Range


Pedestal Fixing

4-Screw Flatbase; 150mm Ball or M70 Mitchell


Illuminated Bubble


8.5kg / 18.7lb (incl. 2 pan bars)

Pan Bar

Telescopic L&R

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Product Description

The Shotoku SX300 is perfect balance fluid pan tilt ENG video head is suitable for field, OB truck, and studio camera applications, supporting any camera configuration up to 40kg(88lbs). Smooth operation and highly adjustable balance and drag settings make the SX300 the perfect solution for even the most demanding productions.

The fluid head is fully equipped with many easily operated user controls including continuously adjustable drag, pan and tilt locks, and a quick-releasae sliding camera plate, as well as useful enhancements such as an iluminated bubble level and removable pan bar mount.

Two models are available to suit common lighter or middle-weight camera payloads. The SX300L has a payload of up to 30kg or 66lbs while the SX300H can easily handle up to 40kg or 88lbs.


・ Robust materials with an ergonomic design

・ Easy exchange between Flat Base and 150mm ball configurations

・ VISCAM fluid drag technology with continuously adjustable drag

・ Continuously adjustable Perfect Balance system

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