Product Description

The TP-80 is able to support any camera and lens configuration up to a maximum payload of 110kg. The low pressure, air balanced height column is extremely simple to pressurize, using nothing more than a stirrup pump. The unique pneumatic internal design significantly reduces the number of moving parts, and therefore increases reliability and extends the period between routine maintenance checks.

Key features include a convenient circular height lock handle, which moves with the column ensuring that it is always to hand for finger-tip operation. A single control dial for the all-round cable-guard skirt is positioned on the base, as is the easy to operate 1-3 (Crab/Steer) mode changer. These features all go together to make the TP-80 on of the most reliable and comfortable to use studio pedestals of its kind.

Instant access to the wheels for cleaning and inspection is achieved simply by removing the snap-lock panels at each wheel corner - no tools are required.


Payload capacity

105 kg / 231 lbs

Maximum Height

1499 mm / 59"

Minimum Height

499 mm / 20"

On-Shot Stroke

1000 mm / 39"

Steering Ring Diameter

700 mm / 28"

Head mount

M70 Mitchell

Suitable Head

Crescent, TE-12HD, TG-18/19 Robotic P&T

Doorway Tracking Width

911 mm/ 36"

Transit Doorway Width

848 mm/ 33"

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