Product Description

The TP-200 meets the needs of studio operations where light to medium payloads are in use, and where exceptional on-air control is demanded at all times. Using low-pressure air balance technology the TP-200 provides finger-tip control of the camera height across the whole range of travel.

Easily manoeuvred within even the smallest studio the TP-200 uses clearly identified, easily operated foot pedals for the pedestal base controls such as Crab / Steer mode, as well as a push-on push-off parking brake to fix the position whatever the floor condition.

Maintenance is simplified through open access wheel cleaning windows and a single point of adjustment cable guard skirt.


Max Payload

80kg / 176.4lbs

Max Height

1460mm / 57.5"

Min Height

690mm / 27.2"

On-Shot Stroke

770mm / 30.3"

Steering Ring Diameter

660mm / 26"

Head mount

4-Bolt Flat base (Standard) M40 Mitchell (Optional) M70 Mitchell (Optional)

Suitable Head

TE-23C, SX300

Doorway Tracking Width

1015mm / 39.8"

Transit Doorway Width

898mm / 35.4"

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