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Shotoku`s TP200VR pedestal and SX300VR head come together to produce an exceptional combination for VR studio applications. Industry-leading Shotoku VR tracking systems allow for uncompromised accuracy and ease of operation. Both products offer Shotoku`s Light Touch Control and robust stability to meet even the most demanding applications. Highly accurate Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, X, Y, and Height data output keeps whichever VR graphics system you choose precisely synchronized to the camera`s floor position, orientation, and height.

Shotoku`s long experience in the design, development, and support of high-performance physical VR tracking systems has provided a deep understanding of the unique demands of this type of production. Tracking systems must be precise but also highly reliable, simple to use, and with full broadcast quality operation at all time. Minimal user intervention is required, so the VR tracking system becomes effectively invisible, enabling the operator to focus entirely on camera operation.

A simple reference tile marks the home position and a single, clearly identified, hardware push-button is all that is required to initiate the reference process. From then on the system constantly tracks all axes of movement and provides the VR graphics system with a single, combined position and orientation of the camera along with lens position data. Tacking data meets industry standard protocol formats supported by all leading VR systems.


・Any Studio can become a Virtual Studio

・Unlimited X-Y Tracking Area

・RS422 Serial Data Output

・VR OUtput Data: Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus / Camera XYZ / Pedestal XY


System Payload

40kg / 88lbs

System Max. Height


System Min. Height


System Weight

114kg / 251lbs


Continuously Adjustable Perfect Balance

Camera Fixing

Two-Direction Sliding Quick-Release Plate

Pan Bar

Two Telescopic Pan Bars (TJ-60)

Data Box Connectivity



M40 Mini Mitchell

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