Product Description

Based on our TP-90 manual pedestal the TP-90VR offers the same high-end manual operational features at the same time as providing accurate and reliable tracking for VR studios. The 60kg payload makes the pedestal ideal for many mid- and light-weight applications such as full ENG cameras and lenses with a teleprompter.

Like all our VR pedestals the TP-90 is extremely easy to reference after switch on, requiring a simple floor tile of contrasting colour to the floor itself. Moving on and off the tile provides enough information for the pedestal to calculate the home position. High precision encoders on the wheel are then able to track all movement of the pedestal at all times. When used with the SPi-Touch system the pedestal may also be referenced using the even simpler 2-point triangluation procedure, without any need for a tile.


Max. Payload

60kg / 132lbs

Max. Height

1537mm / 60.5"

Min. Height

592mm / 23.3"


729mm / 28.8"

Position Detection Accuracy

<1% of run length

Angle Direction Accuracy

Less than 0.05°

Height Direction Accuracy

0.2mm / 0.0078"

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