Product Description

The TP-80AVR provides accurate X-Y-H tracking for use in conjunction with our VR tracking heads such as the TE-12 or TE-23VR. High precision optical encoders are positioned directly on the wheels of the pedestal ensuring maximum accuracy whenever the pedestal is moved. The pedestal is referenced by the use of a simple square tile positioned anywhere on the studio floor and of a contrasting colour to the floor itself. After initial power-on, when referencing is required, the pedestal is simply moved onto the back of the tile and off to the side, after which the exact "0,0" position is known and all subsequent movements tracked.

When used with the SPi-Touch system, the TP-80AVR may be referenced simply by selecting any two points in the studio and carrying out a simple triangulation process.


Max. Payload

105kg / 240lbs

Max. Height

1524mm / 59.0"

Min. Height

524mm / 19.6"

Max. Width

911mm / 36.1"

Min. Width

848mm / 33.3"

Position Detection Accuracy

Less than 1% of run length

Angle Detection Accuracy

Less than 0.05°

Height Detection Accuracy

0.2mm / 0.0078"

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