Product Description

The TP500VR is our most compact and affordable broadcast-grade pedestal for virtual reality and augmented reality studio applications ever. Using proprietary algorithms and high-resolution Shotoku mechanical encoders, the TP500VR outputs optical position data over industry-standard protocols in real-time, even live. Careful attention has been given to the design of the TP500VR mechanical tracking system in order to make virtual and augmented studio technology more affordable than ever while still maintaining the light, portable footprint of the original TP500.

The TP500VR is an ideal choice in today's industry where increasing demands for captivating content in live sports and news challenge broadcasters to bring their production to the next level.


  • ・New, affordable fixed-handle mechanical tracking pedestal.
  • ・Broadcast-Quality virtual and augmented reality for everybody.
  • ・High-Resolution Shotoku mechanical encoders.
  • ・Output industry-standard VR data to all major graphic engines.
  • ・Real-Time data Output.
  • ・Create compelling virtual and augmented images, even in live productions.
  • ・SPi-TOUCH compatibility.
  • ・Easily calibrate and fine-tune the virtual image locally.
  • ・Patent-Pending System


Max. System Payload*

40kg / 88lbs

Optimum Payload

13-38kg / 28.6-83.6lbs

Pan Range


Tilt Range


System Max. Height

1,720mm / 67.72"

System Min. Height

905mm / 53.63"

Dolly Traveling

Steering / Track Lock

Pan/Tilt Resolution

640,000 counts/360°

XYZ Resolution


Origin Detect

2-point Calibraton (Patent-Pending Technology)


D1 (RS-422 / UDP)

Output Delay

Real Time Output

*SX300VR (Pan Tilt Head) TP500VR System

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