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The Graphica Series is the fusion of superb SHOTOKU VR technology and the engineering know-how of the prestigious crane maker, CamMate. The result is a product with industry-leading VR tracking capabilities in a package that is portable, scalable, stable and, most importantly, repeatable.

CamMate cranes have been in use in the television and film industry for over 20 years and, with a philosophy of continuous improvement, are admired for their quality of engineering and the creative camerawork made possible by the smoothness and control of the high-performance servos.

Graphica calculates positional data output from embedded physical rotary encoders designed specifically for VR applications. Free of the jitters, external markers, and area limitations often associated with other positional tracking systems, Shotoku encoders seamlessly process data via the SPI interface to provide real-time data output, in the studio or on location.

The SPi-TOUCH Origin Reset and 2-Point Calibration function adds another level of convenience and high production flexibility. Complete calibration of the system is needed only once after booting-up and can be achieved in 20 seconds, allowing the crew valuable additional time for setting camera position and for shot composition. SPi-Touch comes standard on every model.

Suitable for all types of production, 7 models of varying lengths are available to create dynamic camerawork in the smallest studios or the largest of outdoor sporting events. Custom-made carry cases for easy transport are included with every purchase.

Consult your Shotoku representative for payload requirements over 10kg.


System Overall Length

2,500mm ~ 12,400mm


1,500mm ~ 10,000mm

System Max. Lens Axis Height

2,100mm ~ 6,800mm

Total Weight (Without Counterweight

82kg ~ 232kg


3-Wheel or 4-Wheel

Head Max Payload


Calibration System

SPi-TOUCH X-Y Origin Point Reset

Power Consumption

AC 100-240V +/- 10% Less than 150W

Temperature Range

0°C ~ 40°C

Input Signal

Camera Sync, PTZF, Crane PT

Output Signal

RS-422 D1 Protocol

Head Pan/Tilt Resolution

640,000 Counts Per Revolution

Arm Pan/Tilt Resolution

640,000 Counts Per Resolution

Lens Control and Position Cables

Standard 12-pin or 20-pin

Control Mechanism

Joystick and Pistol Grip

Mechanical Lens Encoder (Optional)


Compatible with Most Major Graphic Engines

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