Product Description

Orchestra is a powerful system designed specifically for parliaments, legislatures and large conference centres using Shotoku remote camera systems. Working alongside the TR-S panel and up to 16 remote PT heads, Orchestra is able to rapidly position multiple cameras to very precisely defined positions in response to an operator command, or an external automated trigger.

Using the touch screen interface the operator can select seats on a graphic to move cameras, or optionally touch anywhere on a live video image of the chamber. External commands may be sent from audio systems to trigger camera moves based on microphone status.


Control Panel

TR-S (Sold Separately)

PT Heads

Any Shotoku PT Head (e.g. TG-27)

8 or 16 cameras supported

User Interface

Touch Screen

Imported Graphic of Meeting room

Seat number, delegate name, Microphone number

Live Video View

Optional LIve Video view

HD/SD Spotter camera required

Combination Product

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