Product Description

DigiPort is a powerful, highly adaptable miniature device allowing any of our control system to take control of compatible third-party systems. In some applications it may be desirable to compliment Shotoku PT heads with specialist cameras, or legacy systems which need to continue operation while a migration upgrade takes place.

DigiPort devices may be configured to support connection to the latest specialist application equipment such as integrated PTZ cameras or rooftop cameras with environmental accessories. In this way a single control system is able to manage the full broadcast robotic cameras as well as, for example, an outdoor camera on the roof of the building.

We are continually adding new devices to the compatibility list of DigiPort, so please contact us for an up to date list, or to request addition of a new device.


Third Party PT Systems

e.g. Radamec, Panasonic, Sony, Camera Corps. Canon.

Contact Shotoku for a full list.


Ethernet, Serial 232/422

Control System

TR-T / TR-B / TR-S / HP

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