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Our TR-S panel is designed to provide comprehensive control primarily for Parliaments and Legislatures where large numbers of stored shots are often required for every camera position. Hundreds of shots may be stored on each camera for recall either manually (by entering the seat number on the TR-S numeric keypad) or more commonly, through automation systems like our Orchestra Camera Management System in response to a microphone or touch screen trigger.

Like all our panels, the TR-S panel has a high-precision three axis proportional joystick for pan, tilt and zoom. Focus control is provided via a high resolution rotary encoder. A clear LCD display informs the operator of all important information regarding the currently selected camera, such as shot position, next shot position selected, transition fade time as well as limits and other general status information. Full-colour LED illuminated keys provide further clear indication of operation mode status and camera availability.

Up to 16 cameras may be controlled from a each TR-S panel (8 standard). Even cameras not currently selected may be directed to move to a given shot through a single button press, with no need to deselect the current camera. Unlimited multiple panels may be installed in a single system to share control between operators or physical locations as well as provide added system redundancy in the often high demand systems.



3-Axis proportional joystick for Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Rotary encoder for Focus

Individual Pan & Tilt Reverse Functions

Full colour illuminated keys (showing on-air, local etc.)

Fade, Cut, Swoop and Stop shot recall controls

Adjustable Fade time

2-Line LCD showing This Shot, Next Shot and Status for all Cameras


10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet control network

RS-422 optional Phoenix legacy control Interface

GPO or Serial RS422 preview router control output

GPI On-Air tally input


19” Rack mount, 4RU high


100-240V AC 50/60Hz

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