Product Description

The TR-HP Hot Panel provides a unique enhancement to any Shotoku control system. Intended for use as a supplementary control panel within a TR-T or TR-S based system, the Hot Panel enables a multi-tasking operator to easily adjust camera positions on-air with full confidence and without requiring access to the main control panel.

Designed to be flexible, the panel has up to 12 assignable function push buttons (e.g. Camera Select, Auto-On Air, Zoom Off, Height UP/Down etc.) in addition to the Joystick and rotary control. For ease of use and portability connection is made directly to our Ethernet control network, and may be easily powered via Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) systems (a stand-alone DC PSU can be provided if required).

The TR-HP is ideal for mounting in a small, moveable, desktop case in areas where full panels are not appropriate. It is even possible to mount up to three panels in a single 19” x 4RU frame, providing an “always-on” direct control panel for each camera in a multiple cameras in the system.



3-axis Proportional Joystick for Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Rotary encoder for Focus

Camera selection with 'On-Air' indication

Total 12 button functions (definable)


Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 (PoE)


204x156x74mm (HxWxD) typical desktop configuration

19" x 4RU x 67mm (3-in-1 panel Frame)


<2W 48v (IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet)

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