IBC 2018

2018. 09. 14 ▶︎▶︎▶︎  2018.09.18      |      RAI, Amsterdam      |      No.12.E42

Thank you to all who took the time to visit our booth in 2018. Stay tuned for future shows and see you at IBC 2019.

Highlights include SmartPed, SmartRail, an enhanced External Control Automation Interface (ECI), Free-d2 absolute tracking system, and the introduction of the SD and SE Manual Tripod Series.

Highlights: Shotoku “Smart” Solutions
SmartPed Robotic Pedestal
SmartPed Robotic Pedesal, a fully robotic XY pedestal, addresses the creative and commercial demands of on-air environments. It is intended specifically for use in demanding, high-profile live TV productions day after day, and will be front-and-center at the show.

SmartRail is a highly adaptable rail-based dolly and column camera system. SmartRail supports floor or ceiling operation and offers a range of height column configurations in both upright and inverted modes. SmartRail provides a unique perspective on any live, multi-camera studio production and can optionally provide absolute tracking data for complex AR/VR graphics applications.

Highlights: External Control Interface (ECI) Automation Interface for TR-XT
An enhanced External Control Automation Interface (ECI) will be available for demonstration on the popular TR-XT remote camera control system. The powerful new ECI features pre-set shot recall and full joystick trim control allowing shots to be trimmed on-air without the need for a dedicated camera operator via the automation system. The enhanced ECI provides an interface for Facility Management and Control Systems (FMCS) enabling a TR-XT to be reconfigured remotely.

Highlights: Free-d2 Absolute Tracking System
Free-d2 is a constantly referenced (absolute) position tracking system using simple ceiling markers and video processing algorithms to determine the exact position and orientation of the studio camera. With Free-d2, a studio is calibrated once—and only once—during the lifetime of the system.

Highlights: SD and SE Manual Tripod Series NEW
Shotoku is proud to announce the new SD and SE range of video heads and tripods for handheld cameras.
The SD systems (SD20, SD40) feature fixed counterbalance and drag systems and come complete with a two-stage tripod, mid-level spreader, and soft carry case. The SE systems feature a high quality drag system and multi-level counterbalance to provide accurate balancing for a wide range of payloads. The SE80 will support up to 10Kg (22lbs) payloads and the SE150 up to 16Kg (35lbs). The systems ship with an aluminum or carbon fibre 2-stage tripod, ground or mid-level spreader, and soft carry case.